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Get the income, growth, and protection that you deserve in retirement.

With A plan that you can understand
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You worked hard to get to this point in life

Why risk running out of money, paying too much in taxes, or leaving your spouse broke due to unexpected healthcare costs?

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Comprehensive Review

Will your income last a lifetime? Do you have safeguards in place to protect from major market losses, inflation, or unexpected healthcare events? Is your current plan tax efficient?

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Fears to Confidence

Confidence replaces fear when you reduce unknowns. When proper expectations are set, you can have more peace. When you have more peace, you make better decisions along the way.

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Plan Well = Dreams Enjoyed

Your money has one job to do, support your life and empower you to achieve those things you dream of doing. Dreams aren’t realized by accident, so don’t leave yours to chance.

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About Kerry

We understand this exciting time can be full of uncertainty. It's just plain wrong because you shouldn't feel the pressure of being your own financial professional.

Having helped hundreds of families find confidence and clarity in retirement, we can help.

How it works

At Assurance Financial Partners we know that you want to enjoy life with financial confidence. To do that, you need help. The Problem is that you don’t have a road map or guidance system which can leave you feeling stressed and alone. We believe it’s just plain wrong for you to navigate this without help. We understand you’re drowning in a fog of misinformation which is why we’ve helped so many families find the confidence and clarity to retire.


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